Battlefield Imaging is home to one of the world's first open 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, used for detection, diagnosis and treatment planning of cancer, vascular disease, bone and joint disorders and diseases involving any part of the body. By providing the greatest patient comfort and advanced imaging capabilities, the new Siemens Espree MRI scanner offers the best of both worlds.

The free space around the patient far exceeds any other system available in the tri-state area. Its features allow for more than 60% of exams completed with the patient's head outside the machine, easing issues of claustrophobia. With an opening of over 2 feet in diameter and the average distance between a patient's head and the MRI magnet at almost one foot, this system is the only 1.5 T designed to accommodate patients of many shapes and sizes.

The image quality is without reproach. This advanced technology offers features that other 1.5T MRI in the tri-state area cannot offer. Patients and referring physicians have consistently commented on the comfort of the exam and the high quality imaging that is received due to such advanced technology.

Length of Exam:
An average of 30 to 45 minutes.

Preparation for exam:

  • No pacemakers
  • We can perform an exam for patients with stents that have been in longer than 6 weeks
  • We can perform an exam for patients with implants and pumps. We just have to research and screen them.
  • We can perform an exam for patients with metal in their body. It just has to be in greater than 8 weeks. (Ex: hip & knee replacements, clips from surgery, wires in sternum from bypass surgery, rods and pins in bones from prior surgeries, etc.)
  • Wear loose fitting clothes with no metal on the clothing
  • Leave all valuables at home
  • No watches, credit cards, cell phones etc…